Hello there lovelies! I'm making this page to showcase my work, provide graphics for YOU! (yes, you), point to resources to help you with your own creations, and to link to my socials <3 I hope you enjoy your stay. Please check out the RULES before using my graphics! If you like the website, be sure to visit my PROFILE on neocities and drop a follow!


Hello again friends! I have uploaded TWO Sanrio blinkies. If you have a specific character you want me to make a blinkie of, comment below in the chatbox who! I will continue making blinkies and updating the site throughout the day. Please enjoy and be sure to follow the rules! Thank u friends <3

Hai guys! Right now I'm just adding this cute lil update box. I think tonight I'm gonna finally work on blinkies. I will be back to update later tonight!